Argan Cleansing Face Oil (140ml)


Refined Argan oil for cleansing the face with an extra infusion of Hyalauronic acid.

Simply a revolutionary product in facial cleansing! Extremely popular with a wide range of users with a broad variety of skin types.



This extremely effective cleansing facial oil formula changes its consistency once in contact with water and results in a delicate, silky foam that cleanses, refreshes and nourishes the skin.

The combination of precious Argan oil with the proven co-effect of Hyaluronic Acid (in microsphere form) creates a truly innovative and delicate cleansing formula that quickly promotes a significant improvement in the quality of the epidermis, its renewal and regeneration.

Due to the product’s pH friendliness – the oil is able to harmonize with the natural value of the skin and does not dry it nor compromise its natural protective barriers.

Impurities susceptible to fat and water are dissolved. Removes make-up, liquefies sebum, cleanses the skin of impurities and refreshes it.

The oil has the effect of creating smoother satin soft skin while reducing dryness. Will not aggravate or irritate the skin.

Moisten the face and hands. Apply a small amount of oil to the palms (1-2 doses), evenly spread on the skin, until soft foam appears then rinse the skin with lukewarm water. If the product enters the eyes, rinse abundantly with water.

Safety and Nature
Renowned experts in dermatology test all Bielenda cosmetics. No products are tested on animals. All products are distributed in eco-friendly recyclable packaging.

Bielenda cosmetics consist of ingredients originating from environmentally friendly plantations certified with an ECOCERT label.

Bielenda holds ISO 9001: 2008: 2004 Quality Certificates and follows an international environmental management standard ISO 14001 aimed at minimizing environmental impact, and is a proud holder of the ISO 14001 Certificate.

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