Dr. M.J Nixon-Livy


Michael has been at the helm of NST since its inception.

He as personally overseen NST’s development and growth since 1991 to the current day.

His steady and patient guidance throughout the years has seen NST gain tremendous respect as a world-class spinal integration method, creating thousands of new careers for participants of his teachings while enhancing the health of millions of individuals around the globe who receive NST therapy on a daily basis.

Admired immensely for his inspirational teaching style and knowledge he has single-handedly conducted over 300 multi-day intensive NST seminars since 1996 amassing thousands of hours of teaching time at a postgraduate international level.

Michael has been passionately involved with many streams of natural health since 1975.

Perfectly suited to lead NST he has studied or qualified in various therapeutic approaches including manual therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, craniosacral, kinesiology, bowen therapy, nutritional science and psychology.

Earlier professional experience in technology, the arts and athletics contributed significantly to his research and development of NST.

Qualification: All levels seminar teacher
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Telephone: +61 493 571 111
Email: info@nsthealth.com


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