The OS Advanced Seminar is the next natural step in NST training following on directly from the Osteospinal OS seminar and has been designed to ‘Advance’ the Osteospinal Operating System.

A myriad of new mini-protocols and clinical tricks that are quick to apply yet add instant potency, specificity and variety will expand and potentise the Osteospinal Operating System.

Most significantly, there are also several deeper more Advanced procedures that are especially suited to the more chronic conditions such as neurological conditions and complex structural cases.

Formal procedures for the shoulders, elbow and wrist, hands, feet, hips, coccyx, central base, scoliosis, epilepsy, TMJ, eyes and the cranium will be taught.


* Approximately four hours of the OS Advanced seminar will also be allocated for revision of the Osteospinal OS seminar material.

The main emphasis of the OS Advanced seminar is on Refinement, Adaptation and Potentisation.

Attendees of the OS Advanced seminar will quickly notice that they are functioning in a much more proficient and diligent manner after the seminar.

On completion of the OS Advanced seminar practitioners will be listed on NST website as an Advanced Practitioner.

Prerequisites – Completion of the NST Osteospinal OS seminar
Total training hours – 28hrs
Cost – Approx €1200 euros including full instructional manual. Please see schedule for exact pricing in local currency.
Note – DVD Training available for this seminar. Please see shop.


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