spinal_integrationSpinal Integration refers to the optimal structural relationships between of a variety of bones (and their associated muscles) that lie deep within the body at its ‘core’.

Specifically these bony ‘core’ components are the spinal column with its 24 vertebral bodies, the coccyx, sacrum, pelvic bones and the cranium including the jaw and the teeth.

They are designed to function as a highly integrated structural unit and when they do so, we typically enjoy good energy levels and good health. The principal reason for this is because every system within the body at some level passes through the ‘core’ via nervous pathways and is therefore controlled by it.

The fact that this system operates as an integrated whole is the reason that we perform ‘spinal integration’ techniques as we know that the tendency to return to balance is ever present.

Balancing the Core

When the ‘core’ has contortions and misalignments (subluxations) at any level, direct reflections can be detected in the muscular, nervous, visceral and endocrine systems.

These reflections can manifest as pain anywhere in the body, or as headaches, lack of mobility, digestive conditions, breathing conditions, menstrual conditions, low energy levels, confusion, and literally hundreds of other symptoms.

When ‘core’ contortions and misalignments are rebalanced with NST, nerve energy flows again as function to muscles, organs and glands is restored while symptoms vanish and energy levels are restored. Once again we can move freely with robust energy and clarity of thought.


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