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At NST our single focus is on delivering a powerful Spinal Integration system that you can reproduce with ease in your clinic to achieve excellent results.


The pervasive effectiveness of NST makes it the ideal ‘centrepiece’ technique in your clinic.

Highly Valuable

Income and reputation are precious commodities for all clinicians and NST builds both via ample referrals from satisfied customers.


Enjoy a concise snapshot of NST complete with technical and development information, cases studies, lifestyle tips and simple self help exercises to keep you flexible!


  • “The NST helps me enormously during racing weekend to be able to recover faster. This also keeps me ‘cooler’ mentally, which is exactly what I really need in an endurance race. Also during race preparations NST is very important for better balance within the muscular and neurological systems”

    Maxime Martin
    Maxime Martin
  • My name is Nuno Almeida and I am one of the senior Physiotherapists at the prestigious FISIOGASPAR Sports and Physiotherapy centre in Lisbon Portugal. I studied with Dr. Michael Nixon-Livy in Portugal since 2008 and have been using his NST Spinal Integration method and Psychsomatic techniques with exceptional success for a variety of pain, recovery, preventative and difficult sports related issues for elite athletes. Amongst other sportsmen and women many of our clients include some of Portugal’s premium A League soccer players so demands for timely and sustainable results are critical. I have always been delighted with the results NST produces and can highly recommend it as a leading edge technique in the elite sports environment.

    Nuno Almeida
    Nuno Almeida
  • Markus Palttala, is one of the race winning drivers of the world famous 24hour of Spa 2015. "The 24-hour races are very intense and demanding both
    physically and mentally. I've found the NST technique extremely
    helpful to recover and relax quickly during the short breaks we have between driving duties."

    Markus Palttala
    Markus Palttala
  • After studying with Dr. Michael Nixon-Livy in Germany in 2004 I have been using NST Spinal Integration with outstanding success as a centerpiece technique in my clinic in Scuol Switzerland where I provide professional health care services for individuals suffering from pain, those wanting to enhance performance in sporting endeavors and also for business people wanting to create that leading edge. NST continues to be a technique that I use with great success and that I can always depend on for creating very positive outcomes.
    Cla Mosca. Snowboard World Champion Giant Slalom 1993.

    Cla Mosca
    Cla Mosca
  • “As a professional Racing Driver I have been treated with NST for many years now and after an NST session I always feel more dynamic, especially in stress situations. Apart from using NST after an accident or injury I also notice that I feel stronger as a person when going into difficult competitive situations. In this way NST gives me both a Physical and Psychological advantage. Additionally as Team Manager I continue to use NST to stay on top of my job.”

    Bas Leinders
    Bas Leinders
  • I discovered NST by Dr. Michael Nixon-Livy when I was looking for new solutions in helping my clients with back and neck pain conditions when they were not responding to my Chiropractic treatments. After applying NST they started improving immediately and now NST has become a mainstay in my busy clinic in Tokyo, Japan. I believe that NST is one of the few outstanding pain removal techniques in the world today that can create lasting results.
    Dr. Shigeto Toyama – Chiropractor
    Tokyo, Japan

    Shigeto Toyama
    Shigeto Toyama


NST proudly presents its global team of highly qualified and talented teachers who are responsible
for the promotion, organization and teaching of NST in designated countries.

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