proto-plus-stomachThe Proto Plus Seminar is a three-day training designed to provide accomplished NST practitioners the opportunity of learning a broad array of powerful NST protocols and procedures that
Dr. Michael Nixon-Livy has developed or adapted into ‘x-factor’ strategies over 25 years clinical practice.

The protocols and procedures typically deliver outstanding results and will have immense appeal for the discerning practitioner wanting to introduce strategies that will ensure their clinic maintains its leading edge.

photo-plusIn total there are twenty-five different protocols and procedures including an integrated sacrum procedure, a coccyx lift technique, obturator membrane release, visceral release technique, atlas-eye integration, pelvic potentisers, an energetic body balance and much more.

This stimulating and content rich seminar will suit NST practitioners, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Sports medicine practitioners.

Prerequisites – Completion of the NST Osteospinal OS and OS Advanced seminars
Total training hours – 21hrs
Cost – Approx €850 euros including full instructional manual. Please see schedule for exact pricing in local currency.


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