Joanna provides much of the drive that keeps NST running smoothly at an international level.

In addition to operating her own successful private clinic in Melbourne Australia she is responsible for the promotion and organisation of NST seminars and products worldwide and is the person with whom you will be communicating when you contact the NST Office.

Joanna started her career with NST in 2006 in Germany where she also qualified in economics, physiotherapy and naturopathy. She developed and operated her own private clinic in Germany and has been teaching NST seminars throughout Europe with Michael since 2008.

Her qualifications include a Degree in Physiotherapy, University of Freiburg, Germany, Naturopathic Diploma, Department of Health, Freiburg, Germany, NST International Teaching Diploma and Sports Massage Diploma, Melbourne, Australia.

Joanna single handedly introduced NST to Poland, her country of birth, and has since overseen its successful growth and development there.

Qualification: Introductory seminar teacher
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Telephone: +61 493 599 976


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