As it is not always possible or practical to attend a live seminar, NST offers excellent alternatives for both certificate and non-certificate training.


DVD and Video Training

NST DVD and Video training are very suitable for anyone wanting to remember the contents of a live seminar that they attended or indeed to learn NST from the beginning.

However, no certification is offered by NST for using the DVD or Video training alone.


Home Study Courses

NST offers certificate training via Home Study courses that include DVD or Video training coupled with a verification examination, case study work and production of a short self-video, of the student performing an NST session.

A certificate of competency will be awarded at the completion of every Home Study course including Osteospinal OS, OS Advanced and Proto Plus.

On completing the Osteospinal OS and OS Advanced Home Study courses, the student will be awarded a certificate with the title AP (advanced practitioner) and will be automatically added to the list of recommended NST practitioners –

Note: The title of AP is the highest level of certification awarded for Home Study training.

To achieve the title of CAP (certified advanced practitioner) the student must also complete the Proto Plus training (Home Study course or live seminar) and Deep Cures training (live seminar only)


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