NST is a sublimely effective spinal integration technique, designed for efficient removal of an impressive list of spinal and health conditions, that is notably headed by back and neck pain.

However as NST can be applied to any condition, and in any age group from newborn babies to the elderly the list of health conditions that could potentially respond to NST really has no limits.

As impressive as NST performance is in professional clinical practice, an important distinction must be made to clarify why its effectiveness and rate of success is so outstanding.

Due to its unique construction and application NST creates a context within the neuromuscular fascial and sacro-occipital systems that ‘alerts’ the human organism to naturally return to its optimal point of balance or ‘homeostasis’.

It’s as if the body ‘re-awakens’ to its intrinsic blueprint and automatically recalibrates itself and resets.

In this unique and natural process symptoms are simply ‘resumed’ or unraveled by the body.

That is to say that symptoms are a product of the body having lost its ability to integrate optimally.

Ultimately it is the innate intelligence of the human organism that is the ‘conductor’ in this spontaneous and phenomenal process.

Although NST can be applied to any condition that the human organism is capable of manifesting its effectiveness is most dramatically obvious in the resolution of all spinal and structural conditions including back pain, neck pain, conditions of the articulations, cranial and TMJ disorders, headaches, sporting injuries, respiratory and digestive conditions, menstrual conditions, chronic fatigue and emotional depression.

As a general guide the vast majority of patients need between 1-5 sessions to achieve sustainable corrections.


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