Box of 10 MOJO Appliances
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You Save – €250!

TMJ Mojo Appliance – Eliminate the symptoms of persistent jaw, ear and facial pain. Headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Spinal conditions, RSI, snoring and more with NST MOJO



There is perhaps no other TMJ appliance on the market that is as cleverly designed as the magic NST MOJO appliance, capable of resolving most TMJ – TMD conditions without a visit to the orthodontist, while at the same time improving facial tone and stabilizing pain and spinal conditions.

As a preventative intervention for individuals whose employment demands long hours daily sitting (office workers, taxi and truck drivers, machine operators) the MOJO is a godsend in keeping neck, shoulder and back conditions at bay whilst improving visual integration and concentration.

Each MOJO comes with an informative instructional brochure that also contains specific orofacial exercises for speeding up repair of the TMJ’s and enhancing facial symmetry and facial muscle tone. More and more beauty therapists are discovering the benefits of using a MOJO and accompanying facial exercise in preference to using expensive botox. Read more about the MOJO:

Note: Also available in German and Italian


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