TMJ MOJO Appliance (English)

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The MOJO is the Ultimate TMJ Health Appliance, a status it has earned because of its unique design qualities that deliver maximum user comfort, quickest repair times, maximum breathing opening and special tongue exercise features for facial toning.

Usable day or night, the MOJO Appliance is a universal multi-purpose, intra-oral health appliance designed primarily to eliminate the troublesome symptoms of TMJ syndrome (TMD) such as clicking jaw joint, facial pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain.

However, the MOJO Appliance has also been designed to improve postural and spinal alignment as they relate to the TMJ & Atlas thereby assisting in the elimination further related symptoms such as back pain and various joint pain conditions.

Importantly, the MOJO Appliance has been found to be of significant assistance in reducing or eliminating health symptoms relating to: Bruxism, snoring, mouth breathing, asthma, sinusitis, tinnitus, digestion, concentration, vision, depression, muscle tension and pain.

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Comes complete with full instructional brochure in English or German.

Read what user said:

  • My nagging headaches literally disappeared within 2 hours of using MOJO.
    Beth B. / South Africa
  • The MOJO is something my clients can do at home to further improve the TMJ and general results – and it really works!
    Petra P. / Germany
  • Leaving your patients with a clicking TMJ is like asking for bad customer feedback. Splint therapy like MOJO is just a basic practitioner necessity.
    John C. / New Zealand

2 reviews for TMJ MOJO Appliance (English)

  1. Mariette Lobo

    I am both a Bowen and Emmett Technique practitioner and, as a student on the courses, became aware of my own TMJ issues. “Correction” treatments from fellow Bowen and Emmett Technique therapists helped the situation a great deal (as did my own self-help attempts) but the problem recurred. After a spell of chipped, splitting, and cracking teeth, my dentist suggested a night guard (lower teeth) as a preventative measure. It did help but then I decided to give the NST MOJO a try. What a difference 4 days later! It does take some getting used to but I’m glad I persevered (and continue to do so) and I am already experiencing several benefits which I’m convinced are “rooting” a lot better and longer. My jaw feels a lot less “tight”, and flexible with less cracking; I’m sleeping better (less snoring!); my whole face feels a lot more relaxed as do my neck and shoulders; my posture has noticeably improved; most surprisingly, I am experiencing few digestion problems which is a huge bonus.

  2. Catherine mc Phillips

    My tmj was so bad my dentist reckons I’d never be able to use a mouth device for sleep apnoea. My tmj is much better now after using the mojo and I’m going to try wearing the device at night and taping my mouth to keep it in. The dental devices tend to be very big, hard and can damage my teeth. The mojo Is very soft so hopefully it’ll help. Overall delighted with it.

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