Body & Joints Drainage Tea


A safe and effective herbal drainage tea designed to clear bio-accumulation and facilitate healthy balance within the body and its articulations. Facilitates general well being and vitality.

General Indications: Aches and Pains in body and joints, arthritis, general debility and lethargy.


  • Taraxi radix conc. cum herba
  • Solidago herba
  • Urticae herba
  • Cichorii herba
  • Rosmarinus folium
  • Aurantii pericarpium

Usage: Adults should take a 300-400ml cup of drainage tea (made by steeping 2 teaspoons of the herbal tea formula in a 300-400ml cup of freshly boiled water and straining – see packet) three to four times a day, firstly on rising and then approximately 30 minutes before or after meals.

spec_tea_10-1Children from 5-12 years of age may use a half strength tea.

Download more Information: NST Drainage Tea

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