NST Flip Chart Advanced


Containing 180 full colour, medical-standard NST illustrations this 45 page instructional NST Advanced Flip Chart is the perfect tool for taking the practitioner to the next level in NST training.

The simple to use free-standing Flip Chart is based on the highly popular NST Advanced Workshop and faithfully follows the structure of the Workshop by starting with procedures that ‘refine and adapt’ the basic protocols before moving onto a broad array of new advanced procedures that dramatically expands the basic NST system.




Presented in an easy to follow point by point style, with a short succinct summary of each Pri-move adjacent to the Pri-move itself the NST Advanced Flip Chart has been choreographed in a sequential style to give the reader a proper sense of procedural flow.

Furthermore there are many extremely practical anatomical notes that highlight the relevant structures involved, and which immediately serve to bring an even deeper level of clarity and insight to the NST work.

NST Advanced Flip Chart is a must for all NST practitioners eager to take the next step in NST professionalism.


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