NST Basic DVD Set
Inside DVD Part One

DVD disc one runs for a full hour and contains tuition for the all-important Core of NST work the famous Dynamic Body Balance designed to integrate Sacrum, Spinal Column and Cranium.

In the Core presentation, Michael Nixon-Livy provides us with a balanced and informative introduction to the history, development and basic theory of NST before taking us on a detailed step-by-step journey through the individual components of the Dynamic Body Balance in preparation for putting it all together at the finale.

The Dynamic Body Balance will be presented in both a point-by-point and fully integrated fashion.

DVD Part One summarises one and a half days of actual workshop content.



Inside DVD Part Two

DVD disc two runs for a full two hours and contains tuition for the Categories work showing just how easy it is to integrate procedures for the Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Thoracic area, Central Base and Cranium into the Dynamic Body Balance itself thereby building a fully integrated system.

The Categories presentation continues on with the same structured step-by-step and point-by-point teaching style culminating in a detailed demonstration integrating both Core and Categories into the NST Spinal Integration system.

DVD Part Two summarises three and a half days of actual workshop content.

“I had heard about NST and long wanted to attend the workshop but due to time and family constraints have never been able to make it. When I heard about the NST DVD, I felt that this could be my solution, but was sceptical that I could, in fact, learn from a DVD. I have now sat through the presentation 3 times and applied all that I have learned in my clinic to marvellous effect. To me this is a small miracle! I applaud the NST group for putting together such a user-friendly and accurate learning tool.”
K.P., Somerset, UK


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