NST Advanced DVD Set
Inside DVD Volume One

Volume One runs for 140 minutes and contains tuition for the Refinement and Adaptation of the NST Core – the famous Dynamic Body Balance.

Refinement deals with essential Accuracy work for the and enables the practitioner to refine the work learned in the Core presentation covered in the NST Basic DVD Training System.

Adaptation also focuses on the Dynamic Body Balance and shows the practitioner how to vary the Dynamic Body Balance to make it quicker, more flexible and more potent.

Adaptation also extends to include valuable work for the Shoulders and Thoracic area typically performed in the sitting position at the end of a session.

Michael Nixon-Livy leaves no stone unturned throughout a deeply informative and information rich presentation that takes the NST Practitioner to a new level of proficiency where results with NST will quickly become easier to achieve with much greater sustainability.

Volume One summarises one and a half days of actual workshop content.



Inside DVD Volume Two

Volume Two runs for 180 minutes and contains tuition for the Potentization section of the Advanced Level training.

Essentially Potentization contains an impressive array of new Advanced procedures designed to expand the NST system so that it can be effectively applied to more difficult clinical cases that are typically more chronic.

There are three groups of procedures: Main, Occasional and TMJ & Cranial

In the Main group there are procedures for the shoulders, elbow & wrist, hands, feet, coccyx, hips and more.
In the occasional group there are procedures for the pelvic girdle, scoliosis and epilepsy.

Finally in the TMJ & Cranial group there are must have procedures for the TMJ, eyes and cranium.

Volume Two summarises two and a half days of actual workshop content.


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